Guest in the North

A highlight of the Round Table – the factory tour at Jungheinrich in Norderstedt.

The second CBA Lab Round Table in 2023 brought the members together for the first time in northern Germany. The meetings were held at two locations: Beiersdorf in Hamburg and Jungheinrich in Norderstedt. With an unusual background sound.

The Round Table had some novelties to offer. For the first time in the north of Germany, for the first time spread over two companies and locations. The session began on the first day at Beiersdorf with speed dating. This was also a new format that focused on the networking character of the CBA Lab. A successful start to the following work phase, which was characterized by reports from the current workstreams and the participating companies. In order to loosen up the content-rich working atmosphere, an "active break" was offered and accepted by all participants. "In longer meetings, I like to use this to get my body going for 20 minutes," said Melanie Czink, Head of Enterprise Architecture at Beiersdorf, in her role as host.

The second day took the participants to Jungheinrich, where a plant tour was on the agenda in addition to a content-rich program of meetings. This was a special opportunity to get a whiff of factory air, gain insights into the production of more than just forklift trucks, and thus get to know and appreciate a member company of the CBA Lab even better.

In the feedback round, the participants agreed: It was an excellent meeting with exciting company insights, a great atmosphere, valuable exchange and a completely new user experience: seagull cries outside the window.