Target Groups

IT units

The Cross-Business-Architecture Lab has its roots in the CIOs who established our association and staffed it with their IT architects, who have since become enterprise architects. Such IT architects remain a key target group for CBA Lab, even if they no longer directly report to their CIOs in some cases.

Technical and specialized departments

Logistics and production organizations, as well as other technical and specialized departments, are also interested in and can benefit from the work performed / results achieved by CBA Lab, as their responsibility for system design increasingly also involves IT designs for what are often purely digital business models.


CBA Lab can offer benefits to CDOs in particular, but also to those responsible for corporate strategy and organizational management. The digital transformation requires company-wide rules and guidelines, as well as implementation activities. The building blocks for digital transformation must be put in place throughout the entire organization.

Since the pandemic at the latest, digitalization is no longer a differ- entiator for the best, but a perma- nent transformation imperative for all those who do not want to fall behind. Without EAM, the complexity of this transformation can no longer be managed.
Dr. Johannes Helbig
Responsible for Research & Education