Goals and Mission


The digital world is an overarching world that is interoperable – and it will become even more so in the future. This applies to the digital world both within companies and outside of them. From a company-internal point of view, the silo mentality and silo structures must be eliminated and new forms of collaboration between departments and even divisions need to be developed on a continual basis. Traditional IT, product IT, and production IT will converge as the processes they are used for become more intertwined. In terms of the external situation, business success will become more dependent on the establishment of partnerships, value-creation networks, and a platform economy. But how does one go about building and organizing such structures and relationships? The CBA Lab Building Blocks provide a valuable foundation for implementing the right approaches here.


The Cross-Business-Architecture Lab has its roots in IT. However, the digital transformation is blurring and dissolving the boundaries between IT and business. In other words, IT is becoming business and business is becoming IT. Traditional IT, product IT, and production IT are all moving toward one another and converging. The CIO is no longer the only person responsible for IT and enterprise architectures; in fact, IT systems are now often built by the CDO and an increasing number of technical departments that are viewed as being on an equal footing in this regard. The effective structuring and organization of IT and enterprise architecture development is one of the main issues addressed at CBA Lab.

EAM combines, structures and orchestrates all aspects of digital transformation. With EAM methods, you communicate in a needs and stakeholder-oriented manner, the best basis for sound decisions.
Joachim Schmider


The DNA of the Cross-Business-Architecture Lab is based on architectures, modular IT building blocks, business, governance and organization, as well as data, services and processes. The discipline that governs all of this today is known as enterprise architecture. Enterprise architecture is of fundamental significance with regard to digital transformation, and for this reason it will need to change and develop further over time. CBA Lab is one of the forces driving this change, which will lead to the establishment of a new design discipline for digitalized companies.


The Cross-Business-Architecture Lab doesn't just talk; it also goes into action when necessary. The joint workstream is the format used by CBA Lab to work on specific topics and issues – often in a lab-like environment using laboratory methods.