About CBA Lab

CIOs, CDOs, and chief architects from leading companies and organizations in German-speaking countries participate in the Cross-Business-Architecture Lab.

We all benefit from CAB Lab’s joint network and the environment of trust our association has established, which allows us to share knowledge and ideas in a very open manner. The fact that we work together to address new innovative developments enables us to quickly incorporate these developments into our organizations in an appropriate form.

Our logo

Building Blocks for Digital Transformation is our motto, which is reflected in the “building blocks” contained in our logo in the form of a circle, square, and triangle that symbolize the foundation of our approach.

Our roots

The Cross-Business-Architecture Lab was established as the “SOA Innovation Lab” in 2007 by eleven large companies whose goal was to quickly develop and utilize what at the time were new service-oriented architectures in order to expand and improve services and modularization activities.


An architecture principle cannot by itself lead to the creation of an IT landscape or a competitive advantage. That’s why SOA Innovation Lab very quickly began focusing on architecture management tasks, in particular enterprise architecture management (EAM). Over time, it also began to increasingly address the innovative “building blocks“that are a core element of every architecture approach – i.e. standard software, the cloud, and mobility, as well as the aspects of agile EAM that are gaining in importance in 2016, namely industrial analytics, microservices, and APIs, which are the building blocks of digital transformation. Numerous guides, position papers, and training courses have been developed as a result and are now being used.

CBA Lab has long since moved on from its original focus, although we continue to view SOA as a central modular architecture principle for the Internet of Things and a wide range of services. These days we focus as a cross-business and cross-sector user association on all architecture issues relating to the digital transformation, whereby this transformation began reaching out a long time ago from within companies and their value chains to encompass cross-business and cross-sector value networks that can be established and modified quickly and flexibly.

Over a period of ten years, the ability to adopt a cross-business mindset and design cross-business architectures has become a hallmark of SOA Innovation Lab, and the time has now come to make this clear. For this reason, we will be changing our name to Cross-Business-Architecture Lab in 2017 and will shift our focus of attention to the “building blocks for digital transformation”.