BONN – 20. Juni 2018

Top-notch conference:
EAM – Pointing the Way Forward for the Digital Transformation.

On September 26 and 27, 2018, the Cross-Business-Architecture Lab, in cooperation with Inside Business, will hold the EAM conference with the best speakers and presenters: “EAM – Pointing the Way Forward for the Digital Transformation,” which will take place at Maritim Hotel ProArte in Berlin.

The two-day conference is designed as a multi-perspective event that will present the views and experiences of digitalization experts, CIOs, and enterprise architects. The different points of view represented at the conference will bring to light the important role played by EAM in the digital transformation. The conference organizers are proud that they will be able to welcome highly skilled EAM experts as speakers, as well as CIOs from major companies and government agencies. Klaus Vitt, the German government’s “Federal CIO,” will give a speech, while Joachim J. Reichel, CIO at BSH Hausgeräte GmbH, will report on the role architecture is playing in the digital transformation at his company. The CIOs from Wacker Chemie, Munich Airport, Alpiq, and other companies will also be on hand to share their knowledge and experience and present EAM use cases. Their presence shows just how important EAM has become in the era of digital transformation.

The questions and use cases that the conference will address all fully relate to digitalization. The questions to be discussed include:

  • Which elements of EAM can offer help with the digital transformation?
  • What types of data and data analysis strategies make the most sense for EAM?
  • How can cooperation between EAM and a company’s business operation units be improved and optimized?
  • How can the typical challenges associated with a cloud environment be overcome?

All conference speakers will be sharing their hands-on experience with conference participants. Theoretical aspects will be supplemented by an exchange of knowledge and experience between speakers and conference attendees. The associated topics to be addressed include: IoT, blockchains, pluralism in architecture, the multi-cloud universe, EAM as a business transformer, data lakes, industrial data space, and dealing with unpredictability.

“EAM is more than just a method for implementing digitalization; it’s a mindset that enables companies to overcome complex digitalization challenges,” says Dr. Karsten Schweichhart, Member of the Board of the Cross-Business-Architecture Lab. “Throughout the conference, we will demonstrate this to be the case over and over again together with our architect speakers and CIOs and CTOs.”

Anyone interested in attending the conference is welcome to register for it. Just go to the following website: