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Members design Workstreams 2022

Current Workstreams

EA Community & Communication
EA is increasingly successful through the active involvement of all stakeholders from IT and business. Communties are a proven means to achieve this. The workstream has completed its work and the result will be presented shortly in a web presentation. The work result can be shared publicly and will be published on the CBA Lab website.

EAM - ISMS Integration
EAM can actively improve enterprise security management if it is better integrated with security management systems. A specific example is examined here. The workstream is grateful for information on protection needs in member companies, please send an email to

EAM for TOP-Level Management
EAM is growing from a technology discipline to a management discipline. What in it is relevant even to top management? This is what our new workstream explores.

AI and machine learning applications are spreading rapidly across many organizations. But how are they integrated into the existing IT landscape and operated securely? The workstream has shifted its focus to ML Ops and has completed its work.

There is interest among the team to continue the collaboration in a follow-up workstream on subtopics including:

  • Adding more best practices for enterprise ML from the membership
  • Developing an "AI/ML Vision 2030"
  • Culture
  • People & Skills
  • Data Sharing & Data Access
  • Lifecycle and Data Governance
  • Risk, Compliance and Ethics

Low Code
Is low code a serious and valuable option in development? This workstream has found out: Yes, it is. It has finished its work and will present the result online soon.

The team proposes a follow-up workstream: "Study - EA Governance of Low-Code Development Platforms" in cooperation with e.g. the University of Konstanz.

Training Lifecycle
The trainings "CBA - Business View" and "CBA - Technical View" will continue to be offered until new trainings are developed.

Member companies are asked to share existing training materials from their EA environment with the workstream and thus with the other members.

Reference Architecture for Schools Working Group
Reference architecture is ready and applied in two examples. Next Steps are publications of the content:

  • as a cover letter to ministries of education and culture in the federal government, NRW and Bavaria,
  • as a contact to the initiative "National Education Platform",
  • as technical articles in IT and trade journals for schools and administration as well as
  • on

Workstreams in planning

  • Data Catalog / Data Virtualization
    Data is becoming increasingly important for business and has often already become "assets". How can EAM support with an organized and maintained data catalog? What visualization options are available?
  • EAM Services Catalog
    The EAM Services Catalog should help to better offer EAM services to all stakeholders, including business and management.
  • Establishing CapMaps across Business & IT as foundation for strategic/tactical EAM
    Capability maps have proven to be a key and powerful lever in bridging the gap between IT and business. What are the best practices of their creation?
  • Region (incl. China) specific Architectures
    Products and production today are often global, and so is data. The jurisdictions for this are regulated very differently. What technical/architectural capabilities beyond safe harbor can EAM offer the business?
  • Scaled EAM setup across the Enterprise
    The more in the enterprise acting in an "EAM consciousness", the better in times of digitalization - up to concrete competitive advantages. So how do you scale EAM in an enterprise?

If you are interested in one of these topics, please contact the office at Suggestions for further workstreams can also be made at any time, and applications for One Company Workstreams are also easily possible here.