EAM – Pointing the Way Forward for the Digital Transformation.

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September 15 & 16, 2020 at Hotel Bristol Berlin

Workshop on September 14 at 1:00 p.m. (currently being planned)

The future will be digital and fast-paced. Data, platforms, and the ability to quickly bring new ideas to market will determine whether or not companies can be successful – even if their products are not manufactured with the help of bits and bytes today.

Everything has to be carefully orchestrated – data and data analysis, knowledge of interconnections, and transparency are all needed here in order to obtain an overview that enables sound decisions to be made. This is the only way to ensure that business ideas can be rapidly implemented and that organizational and IT-specific aspects can be adapted to new business models.

As these developments continue, the potential impact of EAM as source of design, advice, and guidance for the digital transformation is increasing. The role played by enterprise architects here is constantly changing, and the tasks they perform are becoming more varied. EAM is set to become a critical factor for the ability to gain a competitive edge in the area of digitalization.

But how does EAM need to be structured in order for it to be able to meet the requirements that have been defined for it? And how can we become more agile without sacrificing stability, which is so important for any organization?

We will address these and other questions at the event and use case studies to examine them in greater detail in a series of discussion rounds. From the real business world and for the real business world!


Topic highlights:

  • The value of business architecture in a modern and customer-focused ecosystem
  • Development of a data strategy – approach, determining factors, and intended outcomes
  • EAM from the very beginning – and as an instrument to support all efficient work methods
  • Making technical debt transparent and preparing the application landscape step-by-step for fast time to market
  • Using EAM to rationalize IT landscapes in a sustainable and systematic manner
  • Understanding organizational cybernetics and using it to derive architectural patterns
  • EAM as an enabler of the digital transformation through its provision of digital solutions
  • Design-oriented EAM! The 7S Navigator in a complex digital architecture!
  • Ecosystems and platforms as business models – viewed from the EAM perspective
  • Beyond MVP ...and the roles cloud technologies, microservices, and agile methods play in this regard
  • Digital platforms for ensuring the rapid availability of solution building blocks
  • How to create an automated workflow with EAM
  • Implementation of architecture as code # EAM: Breaker of chains and pusher of clouds

Registration and discounts

CBA Lab member companies can purchase conference tickets for €1,000 (plus VAT). Affiliated companies and CBA Lab guests may under certain circumstances also be eligible to receive this special discount. You can register (with or without a discount) by sending an e-mail to

Workshop (currently being planned)

September 14, 1:00 p.m.

“Value of Business Architecture in a Modern and Customer-Oriented Ecosystem”– from CBA Lab Training Lifecycles

What is business architecture exactly and how is it connected to a company’s strategy and other architecture disciplines?

What does a business architecture need to have and do – are there any specifications or references?

What are the key issues associated with a business architecture, and why is this so important for IT units?

How can and how should responsibility for business architecture be made a firm component of a company’s management organization?

What role do technical and specialized departments / business units play in terms of designing business architectures?

The workshop will present ideas, concepts, and approaches for forward-looking business architecture solutions that will then be discussed with all participants in order to increase their understanding of the importance of enterprise architecture.

The goal here is not to obtain a complete overview of all elements but to instead use existing frameworks and references (TOGAF, Zachmann, Business Architecture Guild, TM Forum) as a basis for developing a common best-practice approach.

One of the most important aspects here is to determine how interaction and cooperation between IT departments and various technical and specialized departments / business units can be structured when business architectures are developed, and to provide information on how such architectures can be firmly established at a company.

Dr. Karsten Schweichhart
Member of the Board of CBA Lab e. V.

EAM is the binding discipline for digitalization and communication and is therefore one of the core elements of both.

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Speakers in 2020


Pascal Auderset

Die Mobiliar

Head of Application and Technology Architecture


Dr. Niklas Auerbach


Enterprise Architect



Janusz Ciechanowicz

Cyberport GmbH

Head of IT



Thomas Fach

German  Federal Statistical Office

Head of IT & Digitalization


Michael Peter Fischer

VINCORION / Jenoptik

Head of IT


Stefanie Fleischer

Daimler AG

Enterprise Architecture Management & Innovation


Bernd Froehner

Lufthansa CARGO AG

Head of IT-Architecture, Digital Solutions & Cross Domain Management


Dr. Stefanie Gooren-Sieber


Enterprise Architect



Andreas Grütter

Die Mobiliar

Head of IT Architecture




Frank Herold

Deutsche Bahn AG

Enterprise Architecture Management


Markus Hochholdinger

Tamedia AG

Head of Technology & Architecture


Gintare Jordan

Xella Baustoffe GmbH

Enterprise Architect Corporate IT


Georg Kästle

Wieland Group / RWU University

Chief Enterprise Architect


Martin Kortwinkel

Airbus Defence and Space

IT Architect


Dr. Wolfgang Puritz

RWE Generation SE

IT Strategist


Jutta Rößner


Head of Ecosystem & Enterprise Architecture Management (as a member of her company’s Executive Board)


Nico Schönnagel

UKV- InnoLab, Union Krankenversicherung AG

Head of Architecture & Development


Dr. Petra Zimmermann

Former Head of Vorwerk Digital & Vice President Digital Services